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Fact sheets and guides

Did you know children consume around a THIRD of their daily food intake at school? 

Lunchbox food plays a crucial role towards childrens ability to concentrate, learn and play.

Our quick link fact sheets provide plenty of tips and guidance on healthy lunchboxes that will ensure your children are well nourished and in tip top shape for learning whilst at school.   

Healthy leftovers for lunchboxes

Leftovers are the perfect lunchbox choice and these healthy suggestions make it even easier. 

Fun lunchbox notes

Add some love to the lunchbox with these adorable notes that will help brighten their day

Lunchbox finger foods

Simple, easy eat finger foods ideal for the little ones under 5 years. 

Packing a lunchbox for under 5's

The in's and outs of mastering the lunchbox pack for your little one. 

Tips for the school transition

Is your child transitioning to eating out of a lunchbox? Everything you need to know on getting started packing lunchboxes your kid's will love.

The uneaten lunchbox

Are you a victim of the boomerang lunchbox? Pick up some strategies to help prevent the untouched lunchbox returning in the afternoon. 

Healthy lunchbox e-book

We have compiled all your need-to-know info and a selection of our favourite recipes in one handy guide.

Packing a school lunchbox

Check out our 7 steps to packing a school lunchbox complete with food group guide.

Reading food labels

Know what to look for when buying a healthier packaged products.

Healthy lunchbox swaps

Pick up some healthier swap ideas for the lunchbox.

Keeping lunchboxes safe

Find out which lunchbox items are a food safety risk and how you can look after them to prevent food poisoning. 

Become a waste warrior

Learn how you can minimise waste from the lunchbox. 

Involve the kids

Pick up some tips to help get your kids involved and more interested in packing their own lunchbox.

Whats for lunch?

Download our complete guide for creating healthy lunchboxes with sample lunchbox ideas and tips on keeping lunchbox food safe.

Balance the box

Pull together a perfect lunchbox combo comprising each of the core food groups.

Lunchbox builder

Build your own virtual lunch box using the Cancer Council's interactive lunchbox builder.

Healthy deadly lunchboxes

Download VACCHO's information book that will have your young ones making healthy. deadly lunches in no time. Includes loads of healthy, deadly lunchbox menus, tips for saving money and plenty more.

Sandwich builder

Get creative with these great sandwich building ideas from Cancer Council WA

Interactive lunchbox swap tool

Heavily processed snacks are often high in fat, salt and/or sugar and low in valuable nutrients not to mention quite expensive. Check out the Cancer Council's healthy lunchbox swaps for some healthier alternatives.

Five days of sandwiches

Stuck for sandwich ideas? Check out Grains, Legumes and Nutrition Council's sandwich planner for fillings they will love.

How to create the ultimate sandwich 

Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and boring fillings by learning about the Grains, Legumes Nutrition Council's 4 steps to creating the ultimate sandwich.

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