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Involve your kids

Involving your kids with lunch box preparation helps build their interest in good food.  Encourage them to help choose and build their own lunchboxes and let them help them in the kitchen, at the shops and even in the garden.​

In the kitchen:

  • select easy lunchbox recipes to cook up on weekends

  • share simple tasks such as cracking eggs, stirring and measuring ingredients.

At the shops:

  • allow kids to choose their own fruits and vegetables

  • avoid the junk food aisles and set limits on highly processed foods

  • ask kids to help look for products with the most stars.

In the garden:

  • set up a vegetable patch or pot with some easy to grow vegetables and fruit

  • let children plant and pick their own vegetables, for snacks

  • set garden tasks such as weeding and watering.

Download our easy read tip sheet for more ideas

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